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Well, it’s been close to 10 years since we touched our website and finally, after much hesitation, delay and procrastination, we are launching a brand new website. I hope you all find this interesting and I would like to hear back on your thoughts.

When I started the firm in 1995 with just myself and my wife, I had no idea what a ride this would be. In 1998, my wife left the firm to pursue a development career and Dave Fey joined the firm. In the 21 years that we have been in existence, we truly have had our ups and downs. With over 200 hotels under our belt we, like most architectural firms, rode the waves of the real estate industry and the economy. None was harder than the great recession of 2009. Somehow we hung on and we are now as busy as we were in 2007, with a staff of 25, an Interior Design firm, and some very interesting work. I am hoping our new web site shows off the exciting work that we have completed and that we are currently doing. We are all very excited to see the completion of one of our more challenging and yet exciting projects, the Seattle Thompson Hotel and Residences. We will have more on this later on.

We will also be diligent about updating our blog with thoughts on what we are doing, what is affecting our industry and just plain simple thoughts that may be of interest.

Thanks to all of our clients, consultants and friends for an exciting 21 years.

Kurt Jensen


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